Ph Ready Professional - 1 litre
  • Ph Ready Professional - 1 litre

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Ph Ready Professional - 1 litre - Discontinued - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.
You're clients are active, their skin types vary, they want flawless results, so don't leave anything to chance! Ensure you prepare their skin prior to tanning... PH Ready by Fitness tan is a world class formulation designed to Prepare your skin for the Ultimate spray tanning formula. Professional Spray Tanning products by fitness tan are second to none and you shuold ensure you're clients skin is in perfect condition for perfect results. Spray Tan results can rely completely on the quality and PH levels of the skin underneath the tan. Don't Expect perfect results without first having perfect preparation! Simply spray a light coat of this product to you're clients skin immedtey prior to spray tanning and then spray tan over the top. PH Ready is the answer to the perfect tan for any occasion, the more important the occasion, the more more important that preparation, so never tan without first making sure your skin is PH Ready!