Bottle 4 Bottle is a journey, it's our great hope that our supporters and clients feel and become part of the journey

 As a socially responsible family owned business, it’s simply something we are passionate about and love to share with our clients. Bottle4Bottle is a unique and worthwhile cause and you can be part of this journey. Our affiliation with Bottle4Bottle and Forever Projects is at the core of our establishment. We are committed to filling one milk bottle for every product purchased on our site. In late 2012 and early 2013, Bottle 4 Bottle started aligning with brand partners, big beauty businesses who wanted to be part of the program. Launching live to the Australian public in the middle of 2013, Bottle 4 Bottle has worldwide ambition and seeks to change the way the online beauty industry currently shops. It is our ambition to be a for-profit company that can make giving a sustainable core part of our trade. We seek to inspire our customers and suppliers to become part of it, spread the word and allow it to grow. Change the way you shop, and change lives.


Every product you purchase online converts into a measured amount of milk formula needed to fill milk bottles.

The formula is purchased and delivered in person throughout the year. The receivers don’t foot the bill for anything; we cover the cost from purchase to delivery to ensure quality, delivery and also the intended expiration date.
We are committed to be a world wide offering, to do as much as we can and go wherever we are able. Milk is a regular daily need in child infancy so we are funding hunger and giving life on a day to day basis. Needs can vary but it is normal in the example of a baby home with 20 children their needs are roughly 40,000 milk bottles filled per year. it is our aim to fully
Needs can vary but it is normal in the example of a baby home with 20 children their needs are roughly 40,000 milk bottles filled per year. It is our aim to fully subsidize these costs for each establishment before moving to the next.
Our sales network to our consumers needs to expand and we will continue to improve our reach and allow the aid centers we support to expand their intake of infants in need and continue to focus on their core principal…saving lives!

Who We Are Helping

Our current project is Forever Angels Baby Home, Mwanza Tanzania. An independent aid center for new born babies in the local area, Forever Angels baby home is a unique offering in this part of the world. Taking on new born children whom have been abandoned, lost their mother in birth or mothers are to sick or unable to care for them. Without Forever Angels intervention these children would most certainly die due to a lack of local infrastructure to care for them. It is in this immediate and desperate stage that Bottle 4 Bottle’s true life saving power can be understood. Forever Angels currently has more then 70 staff and regularly takes on volunteers. Where possible, Forever Angels attempts to reunite children with direct family members able to care for these children. Children whom are not able to be reunited are cared for at the center and put up for adoption. Forever Angels becomes their home until they are given a new one. Forever Angels survives solely on donations and contributions, there is no government subsidy’s for this type of work or offering.